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What is Wayne and Reed

Wayne and Reed Technology Consulting and Software Development is a partner ready to create outcomes from technology goals. From building the website or mobile app, to cleaning the data, to training the business leaders on the impact of new tech, to consulting as inteirm CTO, to writing your code, to fixing your salesforce, and so much more, our goal is to find the answer. As we solution we will be transparent and empower you to engage your own solution from a place of knowledge. Lets have a Discovery Call and find out how we can make it happen, together.

Advanced Technology Consulting & Strategy

Create your strategy and technology roadmap. Plan your project. Make better tech decisions. Get true expertise

Software Development & Data Engineering

Build the website or mobile app or AI learning model. Get your data fixed and aligned. Create your software integration

Interim Leadership & Technology Training

Augment your team. Build your roadmap. Add tech expertise to your meetings. Get trained on new and key technologies


Founder, Brian AM Williams

About Wayne and Reed

Wayne and Reed is a new kind of company. We are an agency venture studio. We offer services like technology consulting, software development, and other services. We also create a series of startups and projects with the goal of growth and exit. As well, we invest in revenue producing projects.

  • 1 Technology Consulting & Development

    We create, design, develop, manage, and deliver technology based solutions with greater confidence because we are technologists and developers

  • 2 Venture Studio

    Our approach to create curated innovation is captured by our theme of solve, create, grow. We use a structured approach to creating, evaluating,

  • 3 Investments and Partnerships

    We are not a VC, we do not invest in early stage businesses. Our goal is revenues and expanding existing businesses or projects in an advantageous way for us. Each investment decision is individual and must make sense to Wayne and Reeds goals.

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your technology vision.