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Wayne and Reed

Trust your Technology. Trust your Technologists.

Too often we find some tech development companies who are dishonest, delay deliverables, hide progress, steal code, and practice unprofessionalism. We have experienced it. At Wayne and Reed, we expect to become your partner, building towards goals together with expertise, honesty, and professionalism. You should be able to trust your technologists.

Wayne and Reed can create answers to your technology challenges for you, in a way that creates understanding with you. We can become your development team, handle your data engineering challenges, administer your Salesforce, find your technology executive, project manage your technology team, outsource your software development and manage it, or create a new answer to your technology need. It all starts with a W&R Discovery Session.

Technology Consulting

Our Services

Advanced Technology Consulting & Strategy

Through technology consulting, we can help project planning, creating product requirements, project management, or software development. We can build the whole thing

Truly Understand

We create workshops and training sessions for non-tech business leaders who would love to become more cogent than online research can get them. AI, Blockchain, Web3, Technology Builds, in plain English

Inteirm Technology Leadership & Training

Augment your team. Build your roadmap. Add tech expertise to your meetings. Get trained on new and key technologies


Internally & Partner Sourced Viable Ideas


Initial Internal Projects


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