Wayne & Reed is a startup studio focused on curated innovation.

We create innovative companies and projects using great partners, relationships, and opportunities in growth markets.  We use AI, Blockchain, Cross Platform Mobile and Cloud to realize opportunities.

We are strategists, technologists, operators, and consultants.  We are business owner/operators.  We are MBAs.  We are Developers.  We engage venture capital.  We create revenue producing projects and startups with strategic partners.  We consult to help others win over their challenges.

Wayne & Reed, We Are

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React Native


We Work in Growth Spaces

We Use Timing Strategically

We Carefully Build & Measure

Our Executives Write Code

Blue Ocean Approach

Mobile Technology

Creating Opportunities to Win

Hard Work, Measured Approaches, Well-Applied Experience

We create, find, and build opportunities with strong partners, talented professionals, and ambitious junior-level individuals who are ready for the rigor, speed, and challenge of operating metric-driven startups with us.  We can build the technology for excellent ideas and projects that we believe in.  We work with investors, self-fund, and syndicate with groups to create companies.  We chase opportunities actively, use advanced technologies to capture them, and experience to optimize them for the benefit of our partners, investors, and ourselves.

  • Blockchain for Business
  • Blockchain Consulting and Development
  • Technology Consulting & Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • Mobile App Development & Consulting
  • Cloud Computing Amazon AWS Google Cloud or Azure
  • Agricultural Technology, Urban Farming, Crop Monitoring
  • Ecommerce Consulting Development and Deployment