This is what we do.

Our Services

Wayne & Reed comprises of two areas, our startup studio focused on B2B value added technologies, and consulting focused on helping others in our areas of knowledge.  We build, and help others, build the pathways to greater outcomes.  Let’s talk and find how we can work together.

Solution architecture is the design and routing of a technology solution to address a series of specific, well-defined challenges.  Challenges such as building an application to solve a problem or launch a startup, gathering and analyzing data into a reportable dashboard for business decisions, project managing your outsourced team to meet milestones, re-engaging a technology project that continues to display potential, or other technology-enabled challenges.  Our goal is to be your right-hand technology partner as you navigate the solutions we create together.

Business leaders must advance technology within their organizations, however, many lack a trusted partner to ensure their technology goals are progressing efficiently.  We combine years of business and technological experience to bridge the gap between savvy non-technical decision makers and technology teams/developers both on and off shore.  We ensure that business needs are properly “translated” into actionable, achievable goals that your teams can turn into tasks, sprints, and finally outcomes.  Through smart management of your project, we can help save time, money, and headaches through engaging our digital strategy services for your tech project.

Sometimes your need can be unique. Organizations respond in varied and unique ways when competing to maintain their advantage.  The boldest decisions require the most careful insight and approach. Wayne & Reed can assist your organization as it composes its solution.  We can address challenges related to investing (early stage or more traditional investment option advice), technology implementation and delivery, business process and/or strategy planning, and others.  The best way to engage in reaching your best advantage is to being a conversation with Wayne & Reed.

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy service is an augment to your team to add technical expertise to your internal decision making.  We add technology answers, strategy, architecture, and insights to the conversations surrounding how your tech plans match your business goals.  Engineers with MBAs will examine both the technical and operational sides of your intentions to ensure you save time, money, and sanity as you deploy your new project.

Solution Architecture

The best answers are the answers that you and your team understand.  That’s why at Wayne & Reed, we create together, work together, and communicate transparently with you while we build a bridge towards your solution.   Whether you are starting a company, “tech-enabling” a non-tech business, launching a new mobile app or need visibility into your company’s operations through its data, we are here to work together with you as partners to make the vision real.

Tech Project Management

Your expertise in business may not be the technical side, however as a leader it is key that technology based projects are meeting or exceeding their objectives.  As technologists ourselves, we can manage a technology or tech-enablement challenge through to completion, enabling your bandwidth for other key activities.  We move tech projects forward, side by side with you.